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Siemens RWR 470.10 stops production notification

Categories: Hiseer newsRelease time: 2015-04-21 09:54:00
Source: Hiseer Air ConditioningEditor: Hiseer Author: Hiseer

ATTN: HISEER distributors
FROM: Guangzhou HISEER Air Conditioning Co., Ltd.
DATE: the 21th April, 2015

RE: Siemens RWR 470.10 stops production notification

Siemens RWR 470.10 controller has been serviced for HISEER heat pumps since 2008, recently we are noticed from Siemens company, it will stop production 6 months later.

In the future, we will keep enough stocks of Siemens controller and other related parts to maintain the after sale service for HISEER produced heat pumps. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your hard work and would appreciated if you could order some of the service parts in advance.
Hope this business year will be better for both of us!

Sincerely youth

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