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Hiseer efficiency heating only geothermal ground source heat pump

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Short Description:

hiseer heating only geothermal ground source heat pumpHiseer high efficiency geothermal ground source heat pump series have a high COP which will save your 80% heating bills , it is widely used for house , hotel ,hospital floor heating , radiator & DHW system .

Hiseer heat pump could work together with Solar panel , boilers ,electronic heaters . Auxiliary heaters could be controlled by heat pump.

CE, TUV certified report , Europe standard EN14511,ISO9001:2004, Bafa listed

Floor heating + radiator + domestic hot water

Built in more than 20 protections make your heat pump works more safely :

High pressure protection , high temperature protection , low pressure protection , low temperature protection, water flow protection ,sensor trouble protection , overvoltage protection, phase protection, antifreeze freeze protection , low outlet water temperature protection ;

The compensates function will make your room more comfortable , water temperature will increase automatically when outdoor temperature drop ;

20mm Special sound absorber , heat pump works more quietly .

HISEER commercial ground source heat pump applies with the following world famous parts

DAIKEN or HITACHI scroll compressor : higher efficiency ,Low vibration ,Lower noisy, higher reliability ;

DAIKEN or HITACHI scroll compressor

 Heat recovery-chillers

SWEP or GEA Brazed plate heat exchanger

SWEP or GEA Brazed plate heat exchanger : higher coefficient of heat transmission ,lower heat lose than double pipes or other types , repair easily;

Heat recovery-chillers 

SIEMENS controller: humanized display ,alarm automatically , heating system equipments can be controlled;

SIEMENS controller

Heat recovery-chillers 

EMERSONE expansion valve

EMERSONE expansion valve control the refrigerant flow accurately .

Heat recovery-chillers 

EMERSONE dry filter: keep the refrigerant clean , no “ice block “ .

EMERSONE dry filter

Heat recovery-chillers 

SCHNEIDER electronic parts

SCHNEIDER electronic parts: certificated by many associations, make the unit work safely ;

 Heat recovery-chillers

Differential pressure flow switch: make sure there is water flow before heat pump started , protect heat pump works normally .

Differential pressure flow switch

Heat recovery-chillers 

HONEYWELL R410a refrigerant

HONEYWELL R410a refrigerant : environmentally friendly ,don’t destroy the ozone layer .

Optional parts

Wilo or Groundfos circuit water pump , low resistance control the water flow accurately ;

 Wilo or Groundfos

 HONEYWELL 3 way revert valve : heat pump model diverts automatically between DHW with heating .

 HONEYWELL  3 way revert valve

Electric heater 3KW/6KW/9KW : when extreme weather occurs , it will be start automatically to provide much more heating as back up for your house .

Plywood package , it is unnecessary to provide fumigation certification , save your destination port charges .

 Plywood package

 Installation drawing : 

Installation drawing


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