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High efficiency Air Source hot water Heat Pump Heating only

High efficiecy air source hot water heat pump heating only
Short Description:
1.Heating&cooling&domestic hot water
2.Adopt with famous parts

High efficiency  Air Source hot water He at Pump Heating onlyAW10-DPNHE, HISEER air source heat pump utilizes ambient air as the source of energy to heat or cool your house, and offer domestic hot water.

AW10/B-DPNHE include internal Wilo water pump, automatic started emersion heater by the outside temperature. Characterized by its high quality, competitive price and high efficiency and ease installation.



HISEER commercial ground source heat pump applies with the following world famous parts 

HISEER AW10-DPNHE adopts the following world famous parts:

• SWEP or GEA plate type heat exchanger

• Siemens controller

• Hitachi scroll compressor

• Emersion thermal expansion valve

• Emersion dry filter

• Schneider A/C contactor

• Honeywell R410a refrigeration

Operational Principle

As a heat source, air is the most accessible. It is readily available and practically unlimited. Heat pumps taking heat from the air are called “air-water“. The heat contained in the air is used directly. The heat pump evaporator is placed outside the building and the heat contained in the air warms up the refrigerant, which evaporates and turns to gas.

Air source heat pumps use the refrigeration process to transfer low grade energy from the air outside into high grade energy used for heating and domestic hot water. Even at temperatures as low as -20ºC, an air source heat pump can supply significantly more energy than it uses – and with no local C02 emissions, it helps reduce impact on the environment.

Heat pumps are measured by their coefficient of performance (COP). The COP for air source heat pumps is very similar to that for ground source heat pumps at approximately 2-4. With a COP for instance of 4, 4 units of heat are produced for every 1 unit of electricity consumed. (The three free units of heating were extracted from the outside air). Even with ambient air temperatures of -10 to -15 degrees Celsius, an air source heat pump can extract useful heat (i.e. > 1 unit of heat generated per unit of electricity consumed).



• Utilization all the year round for heating, cooling as well as hot water

• Low investment costs with high quality

• Easy installation

• Silent operation

• Reducing your carbon emission

• Enjoying your green life by installing HISEER heat pumps

• Reducing your heating and cooling bill with high efficiency HISEER heat pumps


AW installation HJ tank photo

AW installation HJ tank photo




AW20 demo











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