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Hiseer commercial air/water source heat pump manufacturer
Short Description:

Commercial HISEER brand air source heat pumps

HISEER commercial air source heat pump normally install in hotel, restaurant, office building to offer space heating and cooling.

HISEER commercial air source heat pump, can be easily combined into any size system at the project spot. Maximum 64 units can be connected together for 4224 KW output capacity.

Heating + hot water, domestic hot water is priority.

Cooling + hot water, domestic hot water is priority.

Hiseer commercial air source heat pump RSQ31R2


hiseer air congitioning


Hiseer commercial air source heat pumps LSQ31R2

HISEER commercial air water heat pumps adopt with world famous parts:

Siemens / Carel controller

SWEP/GES plate heat exchanger

Emerson expansion valve

Emerson filter drier

Schneider AC contactor

Honeywell R410a refrigeration


LSQ31R1 connection 

Hiseer commercial air/water heat pump LSQ31R1 connection

LSQ66R2 connection

Hiseer commercial air/water heat pumps LSQ66R2 connection

LSQ31 demo

Hiseer LSQ31R1 installation demo


LSQ31 LSQ66 specification 

Heat output/Power consumption at 7/35℃ kW 32.0/8.4 COP =3.81 69/19 COP =3.63
Heat output/Power consumption at 7/45℃ kW 31.2/10.0 COP =3.12 68/22.5 COP =3.02
Heat output/Power consumption at 7/55℃ kW 30.0/12.6 COP =2.38 67/30.5 COP =2.2
Heat output/Power consumption at 2/35℃ kW 26.8/8.4 COP =3.19 57/19 COP =3
Heat output/Power consumption at 2/45℃ kW 26.4/10.0 COP =2.64 56/22.5 COP =2.49
Heat output/Power consumption at -7/35℃ kW 20.8/8.2 COP =2.54 44/18.5 COP =2.38
Heat output/Power consumption at -7/45℃ kW 20.4/9.6 COP =2.13 43/22 COP =1.95
Cool output/Power consumption at 35/7℃ kW 31.0/10.8 COP =2.87 66/23 COP =2.87
Power   380-415V/3PH/50Hz 380-415V/3PH/50Hz
Max. running power input KW 16.5 33
Max. running current A 29.9 59.8
Compressor   2× Hitachi Scroll 4× Hitachi Scroll
Condenser   Brazed plate heat exchanger Brazed plate heat exchanger
Refrigerant R407C filling weight kg 7 7.5kg X 2
Nominal flow heating medium m3/h 5.4 11.52
Internal pressure drop at nominal flow kPa 30 31
Air flow m3/h 10000 20000
Nominal output fan W 250x2 750x2
Max. outlet  heating medium temperature 55 55
Width mm 1330 2010
Depth mm 690 980
Height mm 1325 1850
Pipe connector   DN40 DN100
Weight kg 310 660
Operating ambient temp. range Heating -10~35 Heating -10~35
Cooling 10~45 Cooling 10~45
The data above is tested by EN14511.7/35℃ means outside air temp. 7℃, outlet water temp. 35℃
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